Under the paving stones, the beach (2019)


Documentary Short, 2019, HD Video, 16 mins

Director: Amanda Katz

Under the paving stones, the beach investigates the human labor that goes into sustaining life inside of One Brooklyn Bridge Park, a luxury condominium on Brooklyn’s newly redeveloped East River waterfront. The film weaves together scenes that document this work with glimpses of the insular culture it supports over the course of a day. At the center of this network are the building’s residents, encased by soundproof windows which attenuate the interaction between these separate spaces. The rhythms of labor and leisure occasionally synchronize as we sense the physical, psychological and environmental limits of our current way of life.

Screenings: San Francisco International Film Festival, Unexposed: Single Frame, The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, Crossing the Screen International Film Festival, Athens International Film + Video Festival